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The FLIR MilSight T90 TaNS (Tactical Night Sight) is a small, lightweight, Gen3 clip-on night vision device (CNVD) that mounts to any MIL-STD-1913/Picatinny Rail forward of an existing day scope.  The T90 is a small, lightweight night vision sight that will quickly add night vision capabilities to daytime target acquisition platforms.  Designed for short range, the T90 is optimized for use with 1-8x optics such as red dot sights and low magnification scopes such as ACOG’s and Specter DR’s.  Lighter and smaller than its big brothers, the AN/PVS-22 UNS and AN/PVS-27 MUNS, the T90 is great for carbines and smaller close combat rifles.

The MilSight T90 TaNS utilizes a full Milspec ITT Exelis Gen3 image intensifier tube, a fast f/0.9 catadioptric lens for a brighter, sharper image in starlight, and patented permanent boresight alignment technology.  It is installed, operated, and removed without tools and without affecting boresight.  The T90 features some of the best collimation in any CNVD, guaranteeing a point of aim/point of impact shift of less than 0.5 MOA.  This shift is repeatable every time the optic is removed and reinstalled on the host weapon.  The T90 can be mounted on a spotting scope for long range reconnaissance, hand-held as a Night Observation Device, or used in other night-time operations requiring night vision capabilities.  The MiSight T90 TaNS features the proprietary and patent-applied-for Modular Utilitarian Power-Pack System (MUPPS), a detachable, field-replaceable battery compartment that accommodates either AA or CR123A batteries.  Also standard on MilSight T90 TaNS is a temperature-compensated low battery indicator that appears intermittently in the operator’s field of vision (when approximately 30 minutes of battery service remains), but does not obstruct or otherwise interfere with the target image.

Clip On Night Vision Devices offer superior mission flexibility compared to dedicated night vision scopes.  The ability to use the same weapon system during the day and night with having to re-zero optics is priceless.  Dedicated night vision scopes are great, but they require users to have a dedicated nighttime weapon in the field alongside their daytime weapon.  FLIR CNVD’s are impeccably collimated to work perfectly with a myriad of daytime optics.  The MilSight T90 is unique in that it is designed for short range optics compared to its longer range brothers.  The smaller system makes it ideal for hand held use as well.

The MilSight T90 TaNS features FLIR’s patented Shock Mitigation System (SMS), allowing it to be used on weapons up to and including .50 caliber.  The large, rugged controls are simple to learns and use and can be operated easily with gloves without the shooter having to move from their shooting position behind the gun.

Export of Night Vision Equipment or related accessories (such as manuals) is strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It is a major crime to ship or carry US manufactured night vision devices outside the borders of the United States, punishable by fines and prison sentences. Ignorance of these regulations will not hold up in court. By purchasing night vision equipment from TNVC, you attest that you will not attempt to export or carry this night vision equipment outside the borders of the United States. Also, it illegal to allow a non-US Citizen to look through US Gen3 Night Vision Devices, even on US soil. Again, this is a crime punishable by fines and prison sentences.

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