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The Ops Core Skull Mount is a great way to provide comfort and stability to a head-mounted night vision goggle when ballistic helmets are not required.  It is a one-size fits-all device that has an incredible amount of adjustment.  Due to its skeletal shell-less design, it is very breathable and provides plenty of air flow during extended wear.  An Ops-Core Skeleton Three-Hole Shroud comes bolted on the front of the unit to allow for attaching for any NVG Mount.

The Skull Mount utilizes a series of three dials that tighten and loosen the tension straps over and around the head piece.  The amount of adjustment is incredible, custom fitting/molding it to the user’s head size/shape.  A modified H-Nape Chin Strap helps keep the unit stable.  The Skull Mount features Ops Core’s patented ARC Rail design on the sides for the addition various accessories such as lights, illuminators, and cameras.  Proprietary bolt-on counterweights can be purchased separately.

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