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All Defense Mechanisms products are 100% made in the U.S.A.!

Built with ultralight 7D sil/PU nylon, the Paladin Tarp is ready to keep you covered through any rainy or windy night in the woods. It’s factory seam-taped and fully waterproof to keep you nice and dry through the night however, the seams on the doors on the Paladin Tarp are not taped. Designed for use with a hammock, the Paladin Tarp without doors comes with 10 tie-out points, so you can adjust for different hammocks and setup styles while the Paladin Tarp with doors comes with 14 tie-out points. Tie-out points include LineLocs for quick tension adjustments, and the LineLocs are girth-hitched in place so you can easily remove them. Gentle catenary cuts promote a tighter pitch and shave weight. You can choose between 11 ft and 12 ft ridgeline lengths and two fabric colors.

This is the perfect addition to your pack to keep your sleep system simple, ultralight, and effective.


  • Made of 7D silnylon with a polyurethane coating on the interior for ultralight waterproof performance
  • Factory seam-taped; no seam-sealing necessary
  • Includes 10 grosgrain tie-out loops, 6 on the corners and 4 on the side panels
  • Choose 11 ft or 12 ft ridgeline; both taper to 8 ft long at lower anchor points
  • 100-inch center width for full coverage of most types of hammocks

Details with Doors added:

  • All details are the same as above and include the following as well:
  • Seams parallel to ridgeline are factory seam taped
  • Door seams are not taped, but do not require seam sealing in regular use
  • Versatile tie out points allow use with or without included linelocs
  • 14 Reinforced tie-out loops, 10 on the corners along the perimeter, 4 on the side panels
  • Doors can be held back out of the way with toggles
  • 11 ft ridgeline: 132 inches/335 cm
  • 12 ft ridgeline: 144 inches/366 cm
  • 8 ft long between lower anchor points/244 cm
  • 100-inch center width/254 cm


  • Silnylon mini stuff sack
  • 10 LineLocs (adds 0.46 oz)
  • Mini-Carabiners x 2 (adds 0.12 oz)

Recommended Accessories:

  • Minimum of 4 Stakes
  • Minimum of 50ft guyline


Ships in 10-12 weeks

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