PVS-7 Parts Kit


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There is a certain satisfaction that comes from building something with your own two hands. This kit includes all parts needed to assemble a PVS-7 Night Vision Monocular (minus the image intensifier tube).

Kit Contents:
• Operator’s Manual
• Demist Shield x2 (A3144263)
• Sacrificial Window (A3144264)
• Head Mount Assembly (A3144268-1)
• Objective Assembly (A3144305)
• Neck Cord (A3144306)
• Rear Cover Assembly (A3144310)
• Flat Washer, WB to RR Cover x8 (A3144314)
• Objective Lens Cap (A3144318)
• Eye Cup Assembly x2 (A3144422)
• Collimator Assembly (A3172531)
• Soft Case (A3187392)
• IR Spot/Flood Adapter (A3187441)
• Wired Body Assembly (A3207330-2)
• Lens Paper
• Black Oxide Washer x2 (MS15795-802B)
• Objective O-Ring (MS28775-032)
• WB to RC O-Ring (MS28775-044)
• PVS-7B Screw (MS51957-4B)

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