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The Steiner CQBL-1 (Close Quarters Battle Laser) was originally designed for the Heckler & Koch MP-7A1 submachine gun at the request of the U.S. Secret Service.  It is a small, lightweight, dual-output laser aiming device that produces both a visible red and infrared laser pointer.  Its low-profile design makes it popular for use on other submachine guns and short barrel PDW’s.  Now, Laser Devices, Inc. brings the same compact functionality to the civilian market in the CQBL-1 Class1 Laser.  It features all the same benefits of its full power sister, but uses a 0.7mW Class1 IR laser instead.  The CQBL-1 Class1 IR laser is perfect for SBR’s and other handy weapon platforms.

The CQBL-1 is extremely low profile and features an integral rail grabber that requires an Allen Key to install.  The lack of a QD mount allows the CQBL-1 to sit closer to the bore.  The dual laser emitters are in line with the bore, so it cannot be mounted at the 12 o’clock position on weapons with a front sight base.  If you do not run a front BUIS, then you can put it at the 12, otherwise it must be mounted at the 3 or 9 o’clock.

The CQBL-1 Class1 is a great, handy little laser for the commercial market.  It reaches out to 450 yards and is perfect for SBR’s.  The two lasers are slaved, so zeroing one, automatically zeros the other.  Overall, the CQBL-1 makes a great addition to the Class1 line from Laser Devices, Inc.

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