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The DBAL-I² (Dual Beam Aiming Laser – Intelligent) Class 1 / 3R IR Laser is a single spectrum laser system.  It boasts an eye-safe Class1 IR Laser Pointer and an eye-safe Adjustable IR Laser Illuminator.  Class 1 IR lasers feature a 0.7mW rating which is eye safe and not restricted by the FDA. While this is a lower output than the standard 5mW+ IR lasers used by Warfighters and LE Professionals, it is perfectly adequate for targeting at ranges out to 400 yards. This encompasses most ranges at which users will engage targets during night shooting and training.

Functionally, the DBAL-I² Class1 Laser features two IR Outputs. The IR Laser Pointer is 0.7mW while the IR Laser Illuminator is <4mW (High) Power.  The IR pointer is low powered to make it eye-safe, but will perform well out to 400 yards. The pointer is easy to spot and has a good divergence/shape.

Based on LDI’s proven DBAL-I², the Class1 version has very few outward differences. The Class1 DBAL-I² utilizes the same exact body housing and optics package as its full-power brother. Physically, the housing is completely Mil Spec anodized precision machined Aircraft-Grade Aluminum with Steiner’s excellent HT Throw Lever Mount. These housings are extremely rugged, currently fighting on the front lines of the Global War on Terror. The Mount is a self-adjusting throw lever that is exceptionally strong and requires no tools to adjust for out of spec rails. The only outward difference between the Class1 and standard models are the power setting markings. The DBAL-I² Class1 has markings for High/Low Visible and IR Pointer that allow for 0.7mW high and .2mW low (Pointer) and <4mW high and <2mW Low (Illuminator).

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